This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No. 607626.


The development of the Simulation Platform involves several technological challenges that will be covered in the work plan:

  • Requirements and specifications: definition of the specifications mainly driven by end user requirements; serious game technology selection; requisite verification methodology.
  • Interactive graphical platform and interfaces and control system: development of the main control system, integration of all the modules in the interactive platform; user interfaces; scene setup; interactive workflow and control and network modules.
  • Graphics Components: 3D models for human representation, static and dynamics versions, 3D vehicles and graphics optimization
  • Generation of urban environment: development of urban generation module, as the project aims to simulate realistic environments.
  • Advanced crowd simulation: design and development of the crowd simulation engine that initialize and update the entities, their behaviours and their actions on the environment.
  • Database module and predictive model: development of database components and predictive models, which provide a very powerful tool for expanding the framework of the project beyond classic e-learning
  • System validation: validation of the system. Field expertise by the Spanish National Police Department will help to validate and test the system.

SAFECITI will not only improve the training methodologies and performance measurement of the analysts, but will create a new profile for new generation analysts that will get trained in a first stage and will operate the system later along their whole operational life, helping to enrich the system with new simulations and validation cases. These new analysts will be able to project new operational plans in advance by simulating “what-if” cases in complex scenarios, and anticipating threats.

The main expected impacts of SAFECITI are:

  • Improvement in safety of citizens against different threats.
  • Threat anticipation and adequate response through planning.
  • Development of next-generation intelligence analysts.
  • Technologies and services for new SME’s business development